Introducing the Audrey And Lana Bag! We all know that a bag adds that something special to a look. When you are going to that special event you need a bag that works for the occasion, that of course can fit in the essentials, but also finishes off the Dress. We have created the Audrey and Lana bag to be the effortless, chic bags that are ready to take you out….

The Audrey bag, is our perfect clutch bag, with its pop of colour contrasting with the beautiful bead and thread work.  It comes in two colourways, the Yellow with the beading and threading in striking black. And the Pink with the beading and threading in a beautiful rich navy.  Inside the Audrey bag is a long gold strap that you can wear on the shoulder.

The Lana bag, this is our chic effortless style bag, with the rich gold strap contrasting beautiful with the beads and woven thread of the bag.

We created three different colourways to work with the colours in the collection, and that would also work with the tones of colour we use in most of our collections.

The Lana bag comes in three different colourways, Green, Pink and Red!