At ONJENU our love of Print and Colour is such a big part of what the brand is about, clothes that make you feel happy, that are fun, but our core focus is to create clothing that is all about the woman! We don’t focus so much on trends but on life, a huge part of the inspiration of our new collection “THE NOMAD”  was this idea that we, women are many things in life, and clothing needs to work for all those different chapters.  A book that I read a couple years ago, and loved, is “My Life on the Road” by Gloria Steinem, it is that journey of life, her journey, but it is broader than that, as it focuses on this need for humans to explore and travel, to go on adventures.  These adventures don’t always mean travelling days or hours, but maybe just into a different neighbourhood, listening to a different story, opening our eyes to the world.  Yes I know this doesn’t sound like a fashion story, but for me it resonated with my belief that fashion should be fun that we should be brave, try new styles, wear colour and print, allow ourselves to have fun, to dress up to make that day extra special by feeling awesome in what you are wearing, don’t wait for a special occasion!  And my other belief is that Fashion should be inclusive, no matter what age or size you are, and I’m talking about this idea of fitting into that age box of the 20 to 35 age bracket, or 50 to 65 age bracket etc, which I don’t think any of us should tick that box.  We should allow ourselves to be us, no matter what age, you should wear what you love, what makes you feel amazing!  Be a NOMAD of fashion, try new things, explore, embrace colour and print, life is more fun in colour than in Beige & Grey, it’s worth a try!

 Xx Mena