I asked the talented Niki @miss_magpie_spy to create an illustration showing optimism and solidarity for our lives right now.

So many of us are reaching out to friends and family more, the focus on what's important. I have experienced this so much recently via a surprise baby shower, organised by a group of friends for me; which was a huge source of positive energy and kept my spirits up on the run up to the delivery of my baby girl.

Also experienced this last week when my oldest friends from Ireland connected over zoom to surprise a friend in Brussels for her birthday. We never did this before, the positive out of this horrific virus is that it's making us feel and be more connected, forcing us to stop, reach out as we are all alone but more together than ever before, as we stay home worldwide to keep loved ones and others safe, yes we are isolated but finding ways to keep spirits up as we show our love for friends and family.

I have loved seeing so many other stories of everyone connecting through zoom and house party.

Let's keep the LOVE spreading, we don't have to leave our homes to do this.

Mena xXx

Here are behind the scenes of Nikki creating the beautiful illustration for us 🥰

Illustration by Niki Groom