Palm Springs has always been a place I’ve dreamed of visiting, and it did not disappoint! With 360 days of sun-kissed weather and drop-dead gorgeous scenery, it’s no wonder Palm Springs is like no place else and a comeback as Hollywood’s playground with a growing nightlife, burgeoning art scene and edgy vibe.

By night, you can count on purple mountains and twinkling stars. Known throughout the world as the mecca of modernism, Palm Springs enthusiastically embraces and celebrates the mid-century modern design aesthetic.  Driving through this incredible oasis in the desert everywhere you turn is incredible architecture, and one of the most iconic is the Kaufman house which we got to see in person, this Modernist house featured in one of Slim Aarons world famous photographs of 1950/60s life, called “Poolside Gossip”.

Places we loved and we recommend visiting are, “The Saguro” hotel for its multi-coloured balconies and amazing views of the Purple Mountains of Palm Springs. The “Azucar” restaurant at La Serena Villas, we loved for its rooftop bar, with its open fire, cool relaxed vibe, with its Marrakech interior influences, and its “Frida Kahlo” wall.  The “Ace” hotel for its Coachella understated pool bar, great place for a relaxed lunch.

Our favourite was “The Parker” palm springs, this iconic hotel with its inspiring interiors make you never want to leave, we had lunch outside surrounded by pops of 1960s favourite orange cushions, and then we ventured inside to sit by its super cool open fire, everywhere you turn your eyes are spell bound by the décor, if you love 1960s/1970s this is a must visit… my favourite was the patterned stairs and of course its  iconic white graphic wall and orange door that greets you as you step out of your car!  Oh Palm Springs you did not disappoint!

The Saguro Hotel 

The Azucar restaurant 

The Parker Hotel

Words by Onjenu Editor Mena Ryan

Images by Natalia Peters